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All about Jharkhand district read in this post
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Jharkhand is a state in eastern India
✅ 1. Jharkhand is divided into 24 districts, each with its unique features and attractions.
✅ 2. Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand and also a district known for its scenic beauty and the iconic Rock Garden.
✅ 3. Hazaribagh district is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries, including the Hazaribagh National Park, home to various species of flora and fauna.
✅ 4. Dumka district is known for its historical significance as it was once the capital of the tribal kingdom of Dumka.
✅ 5. Jamshedpur, also known as the “Steel City,” is a district in Jharkhand and a major industrial hub housing Tata Steel, one of the largest steel plants in India.
✅ 6. Deoghar district is famous for the Baidyanath Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas dedicated to Lord Shiva, attracting thousands of devotees every year.
✅ 7. Dhanbad district is known as the “Coal Capital of India” due to its rich coal reserves and extensive coal mining activities.
✅ 8. Giridih district is renowned for its beautiful hills and picturesque landscapes, making it a popular tourist destination.
✅ 9. Sahebganj district is situated on the banks of the Ganges River and is known for its natural beauty, particularly the Rajmahal Hills and waterfalls.
✅ 10. Palamu district is home to the Betla National Park, known for its diverse wildlife and lush greenery, offering an excellent opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.
These are just a few highlights of the districts in Jharkhand, each contributing to the state’s overall charm and appeal.
The Jharkhand High Court is the highest judicial body in the state of Jharkhand, India. It has jurisdiction over the districts of

Jharkhand District name list

Jharkhand. Here is a list of the districts in Jharkhand:
1. Ranchi
2. East Singhbhum (Jamshedpur)
3. Dhanbad
4. Bokaro

Jharkhand District name list in English

5. Hazaribagh
6. Deoghar
7. Giridih
8. Ramgarh
9. Chatra
10. Gumla
11. Koderma
12. Latehar
13. Pakur
14. Palamu

List of Districts in Jharkhand

15. Lohardaga
16. Simdega
17. Godda
18. Sahebganj
19. West Singhbhum (Chaibasa)
20. Saraikela-Kharsawan
21. Jamtara
22. Garhwa
23. Khunti
24. Dumka

List of Districts of Jharkhand

These are the 24 districts of Jharkhand. Each district has its own unique characteristics, cultural heritage, and natural attractions.

Jharkhand All district name list in Hindi

Here is the list of all districts in Jharkhand in Hindi:
1. रांची
2. पूर्वी सिंहभूम (जमशेदपुर)
3. धनबाद
4. बोकारो
5. हजारीबाग
6. देवघर
7. गिरीडीह
8. रामगढ़
9. चतरा
10. गुमला
11. कोडरमा
12. लातेहार
13. पाकुड़
14. पलामू
15. लोहरदगा
16. सिमडेगा
17. गोड्डा
18. साहेबगंज
19. पश्चिमी सिंहभूम (चैबासा)
20. सरायकेला-खरसावां
21. जामताड़ा
22. गढ़वा
23. खूंटी
24. दुमका
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🔴Jharkhand district map

🔴 Q1- How many district in Jharkhand

Ans- 24 district in Jharkhand

🔴 Q2- What is the capital of Jharkhand

Ans- Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand

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