All national symbols of India | national symbol of India | national India’s symbol and their name

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All national symbols of India
The national symbols of India include the Indian national flag, the national anthem (“Jana Gana Mana”), the national emblem, and the national animal (Bengal tiger), bird (Indian Peafowl), flower (Lotus), and tree (Banyan). Each symbol holds cultural and historical significance for the country. 17 symbol is most important in Indian nation

India’s national symbol list

1. National Flag
2. National Emblem
3. National Anthem
4. National Song
5. National Currency
6. National Flower (Lotus)
7. National Tree (Banyan)
8. National Bird (Indian Peafowl or Peacock)
9. National Animal (Bengal Tiger)
10. National River (Ganges)
11. National Game (Hockey)
12. National Calendar (Saka Calendar)
13. National Aquatic Animal (Ganges River Dolphin)
14. National Reptile (King Cobra)
15. National Heritage Animal (Indian Elephant)
16. National Microbe (Lactobacillus delbrueckii)
17. National River (Ganges)

India’s national symbol list and their name

1. National Flag – Tiranga
2. National Emblem- State Emblem of India
3. National Anthem- Jana Gana Mana
4. National Song- Vande Mataram
5. National Currency- Indian Rupee
6. National Calendar- Saka Calendar
7. National River- Ganges
8. National Animal- Bengal Tiger
9. National Bird- Indian Peafowl (Peacock)
10. National Flower – Lotus
11. National Tree – Banyan
12. National River – Ganges
13. National Aquatic Animal – Ganges River Dolphin
14. National Heritage Animal – Indian Elephant
15. National Microbe – Lactobacillus delbrueckii
16. National Reptile – King Cobra
17. National Game – Field Hockey

India’s national symbols related important question answer

Every Indian people must Know this question answer

Q. What is the name of India’s national flag?

Ans – Tiranga

Q. Which animal is the national symbol of India?

Ans – Bengal Tiger

Q. What is the national emblem of India called?

Ans – State Emblem of India

Q. Name the national anthem of India.

Ans – Jana Gana Mana

Q. Which river is considered the national river of India?

Ans – Ganges

Q. What is the national song of India?

Ans – Vande Mataram

Q. Identify the national flower of India.

Ans – Lotus

Q. Which bird is the national bird of India?

Ans – Indian Peafowl (Peacock)

Q. Name the national tree of India.

Ans – Banyan

Q. Which river is also recognized as the national river of India?

Ans – Ganges

Q. What is the national aquatic animal of India?

Ans – Ganges River Dolphin

Q. Which animal is designated as the national heritage animal of India?

Ans – Indian Elephant

Q. What is the national microbe of India?

Ans – Lactobacillus delbrueckii

Q. Identify the national reptile of India.

Ans – King Cobra

Q. Which game is recognized as the national game of India?

Ans – Field Hockey

Q. What is the national currency of India?

Ans – Indian Rupee

Q. Name the national calendar of India.

Ans – Saka Calendar

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