List of district of Karnataka | how many district in Karnataka

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All about Karnataka district read in this post

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List of district of Karnataka


Here are 10 points about Karnataka’s districts

1. Districts in Karnataka: Karnataka is divided into 31 districts, each having its own distinct cultural, historical, and geographical significance.

2. Bengaluru Urban: The capital city, Bengaluru, is a separate district known as Bengaluru Urban, and it serves as the technological and economic hub of India.

3. District Headquarters: Each district has a designated headquarters, which is the administrative center and often the largest city or town in the district.

4. Diverse Geography: Karnataka’s districts boast diverse geographical features, including coastal regions, hilly areas, plateaus, and fertile plains.

5. Heritage Sites: Many districts in Karnataka are home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Hampi in Ballari district and Pattadakal in Bagalkot district.

6. Agricultural Economy: The state’s districts are agriculturally rich, producing various crops such as rice, sugarcane, cotton, coffee, and spices.

7. IT and BT Hubs: Apart from Bengaluru, other districts like Mysuru, Hubballi-Dharwad, and Mangaluru have emerged as IT and biotechnology hubs.

8. Historical Importance: Some districts hold immense historical significance, with ancient dynasties, temples, and forts. For example, Belagavi and Bidar have notable historical heritage.

9. Natural Beauty: Kodagu (Coorg) district is known for its scenic beauty, lush coffee plantations, and misty hills, making it a popular tourist destination.

10. Diverse Culture: Each district in Karnataka has its own unique culture, language, and traditions, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the state.

Karnataka all District name list

🔴 Here is a list of all the districts in Karnataka:
1. Bagalkot
2. Ballari (Bellary)
3. Belagavi (Belgaum)
4. Bengaluru Rural
5. Bengaluru Urban
6. Bidar
7. Vijayapura (Bijapur)
8. Chamarajanagar

List of District in Karnataka

9. Chikballapur
10. Chikkamagaluru (Chikmagalur)
11. Chitradurga
12. Dakshina Kannada
13. Davanagere
14. Dharwad
15. Gadag
16. Kalaburagi (Gulbarga)

Karnataka district name list in English

17. Hassan
18. Haveri
19. Kodagu (Coorg)
20. Kolar
21. Koppal
22. Mandya
23. Mysuru (Mysore)
24. Raichur
25. Ramanagara
26. Shivamogga (Shimoga)
27. Tumakuru (Tumkur)
28. Udupi
29. Uttara Kannada (Karwar)
30. Yadgir
31. Vijayanagara

Karnataka district name list in Hindi

🔴 Here is the list of all districts in Karnataka in Hindi:

1. बागलकोट
2. बल्लारी (बेल्लारी)
3. बेलगामवी (बेलगाम)
4. बेंगलुरु ग्रामीण
5. बेंगलुरु नगर
6. बीदर
7. विजयपुर (बिजापुर)
8. चमराजनगर
9. चिकबल्लापुर
10. चिकमगलुरु (चिकमगलूर)
11. चित्रदुर्गा
12. दक्षिण कन्नड़
13. दावणगेरे
14. धारवाड़
15. गदग
16. कलबुर्गी (गुलबर्गा)
17. हसन
18. हावेरी
19. कोडगू (कूर्ग)
20. कोलार
21. कोप्पल
22. मंड्य
23. मैसूरू (मैसूर)
24. रायचूर
25. रामनगर
26. शिवमोगा (शिमोगा)
27. तुमकुरु (तुमकुर)
28. उडुपी
29. उत्तर कन्नड़ (करवार)
30. यादगिर
31. विजयनगर

🔴 Karnataka district map
Karnatak district map


🔴 Q1- How many district in Karnataka

Ans- 31 district in Manipur

🔴 Q2- What is the capital of Karnataka

Ans- Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka

🔴 Karnataka district list PDF download – Click here

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