List of district of Manipur | how many district in Manipur

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List of district of Manipur


1. Manipur, a state in northeastern India, is divided into 16 districts, each with its unique cultural heritage and natural beauty.
2. Imphal East and Imphal West districts encompass the capital city, Imphal, and are significant economic and administrative centers.
3. Bishnupur district is known for its historical sites and religious importance, with many ancient temples and monuments.
4. Churachandpur, one of the largest districts, is home to diverse tribal communities, adding to the region’s rich cultural tapestry.
5. Thoubal district is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, including the serene Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India.
6. Senapati district, situated in the northern part of the state, is known for its lush green hills and is a hub of traditional Naga culture.
7. Ukhrul district boasts mesmerizing valleys and is inhabited predominantly by the Tangkhul Naga tribe.
8. Tamenglong district is characterized by its deep gorges, dense forests, and the iconic Barak Waterfall.
9. Kangpokpi district, carved out of Senapati district, is relatively new and is inhabited by a diverse mix of communities.
10. Besides these, there are other districts like Jiribam, Kakching, and Noney, each contributing to Manipur’s vibrant cultural heritage and natural splendor.

List of district in Manipur


🔴 Manipur was divided into 16 districts. Here is the list of districts in Manipur:
1. Bishnupur
2. Chandel
3. Churachandpur
4. Imphal East
5. Imphal West
6. Jiribam
7. Kakching
8. Kamjong
9. Kangpokpi

Manipur All district name list

10. Noney
11. Pherzawl
12. Senapati
13. Tamenglong
14. Tengnoupal

Manipur District name in English

15. Thoubal
16. Ukhrul

Manipur All district name in Hindi

मणिपुर राज्य 16 जिलों में विभाजित है। निम्नलिखित है मणिपुर के जिलों की सूची हिंदी में:
1. बिश्नुपुर
2. चांदेल
3. चुराचंदपुर
4. इम्फाल पूर्व
5. इम्फाल पश्चिम
6. जिरिबाम
7. काकचिंग
8. कामजोंग
9. कांगपोक्पी
10. नोनेय
11. पहेरजावल
12. सेनापति
13. तामेंगलॉन्ग
14. टेंगनौपल
15. थौबल
16. उखरुल

🔴 Manipur district map
Manipur district map
Manipur district map
🔴 Q1- How many district in Manipur

Ans- 16 district in Manipur

🔴 Q2- What is the capital of Manipur

Ans- Imphal is the capital of Manipur

🔴Manipur district list PDF download – Click here

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