List of Districts in Bihar | List of all Districts of Bihar

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Bihar consists of 38 districts. Here are more point of the districts in Bihar
1. Patna: Patna is the capital city of Bihar and also serves as a district. It is a major commercial, educational, and administrative center.
2. Gaya: Gaya is an important religious destination for Buddhists as it is home to the Mahabodhi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in the southern part of Bihar.
3. Muzaffarpur: Muzaffarpur is known as the “Lychee Kingdom” due to its large-scale production of lychee fruit. It is situated in the northern part of the state.
4. Bhagalpur: Bhagalpur is a historic city known for its silk production and trade. It is located in the eastern part of Bihar, near the banks of the Ganges River.
5. Darbhanga: Darbhanga is known for its rich cultural heritage, especially in the field of music and literature. It is situated in the northern part of Bihar.
6. Nalanda: Nalanda is famous for the ancient Nalanda University, which was a renowned center of learning in ancient India. It is located in the southeastern part of Bihar.
7. Bhojpur: Bhojpur district is named after Raja Bhoja, a legendary king. It is known for its historical significance and ancient ruins. It is located in the central part of Bihar.
8. Rohtas: Rohtas district is home to the historical Rohtas Fort, built during the reign of Sher Shah Suri. It is situated in the southwestern part of Bihar.
9. Sitamarhi: Sitamarhi is a religiously significant place for Hindus as it is believed to be the birthplace of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. It is located in the northern part of Bihar, near the border with Nepal.
10. Aurangabad: Aurangabad is known for its historical sites, including the ancient city of Vikramshila and the Bibi-Ka-Maqbara, a mausoleum built in the architectural style of the Taj Mahal. It is situated in the southern part of Bihar.
These are just a few examples of the districts in Bihar, each with its own unique characteristics, historical importance, and cultural heritage.

List of Districts of Bihar

Here is a list of all the districts in Bihar, India:
1. Araria
2. Arwal
3. Aurangabad
4. Banka
5. Begusarai
6. Bhagalpur
7. Bhojpur

List of Districts in Bihar

8. Buxar
9. Darbhanga
10. East Champaran (Motihari)
11. Gaya
12. Gopalganj
13. Jamui
14. Jehanabad
15. Kaimur (Bhabua)
16. Katihar
17. Khagaria
18. Kishanganj
19. Lakhisarai
List of all Districts of Bihar
20. Madhepura
21. Madhubani
22. Munger
23. Muzaffarpur
24. Nalanda
25. Nawada
26. Patna
27. Purnia
28. Rohtas
29. Saharsa
30. Samastipur
31. Saran
32. Sheikhpura

Bihar District List

33. Sheohar
34. Sitamarhi
35. Siwan
36. Supaul
37. Vaishali
38. West Champaran (Bettiah)
These are the 38 districts of Bihar.

बिहार में कितने जिले हैं Bihar District List in Hindi and english List of Districts in Bihar

आपको जिलों की पूरी सूची चाहिए, ठीक है। यहां बिहार राज्य के सभी जिलों के नाम हैं:
1. अररिया
2. अरवल
3. औरंगाबाद
4. बांका
5. बेगूसराय
6. भागलपुर

बिहार के सभी जिलों का नाम

7. भोजपुर
8. बक्सर
9. दरभंगा
10. पूर्वी चंपारण (मोतिहारी)
11. गया
12. गोपालगंज
13. जमुई
14. जहानाबाद
15. कैमूर (भभुआ)
16. कटिहार
17. खगड़िया
18. किशनगंज
19. लखीसराय
20. मधेपुरा
21. मधुबनी
22. मुंगेर
23. मुजफ्फरपुर
24. नालंदा
25. नवादा
26. पटना
27. पूर्णिया
28. रोहतास
29. सहरसा
30. समस्तीपुर
31. सारण
32. शेखपुरा
33. शिवहर
34. सीतामढ़ी
35. सिवान
36. सुपौल
37. वैशाली
38. पश्चिमी चंपारण (बेतिया)
ये बिहार के 38 जिले हैं।

Bihar district map

Q- How many district in Bihar ?

Ans- 38 district in Bihar

Q- What is capital of Bihar ?

Ans- Patna is capital of Bihar

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