Bihar Police Constable exam preparation best book

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Bihar Police Constable best book for preparation

Candidate who participate in Bihar police constable examination must check best book for preparation

Bihar Police Constable exam book list

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Bihar Police Constable exam preparation best book

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Bihar Police constable syllabus and exam pattern 2023

Candidate who participate in Bihar police constable exam must read full syllabus and exam pattern for good preparation
Syllabus for Bihar Police Constable 2023
Bihar Police Constable full syllabus is below please check every subject carefully

Bihar Police constable Exam pattern

✔ Written Exam
✔ Physical Endurance Test (PET)
✔ Physical Screening Test (PST)
Bihar Police Constable written exam full syllabus

Bihar Police Constable Hindi Syllabus
✔ संज्ञा
✔ कारक
✔ सर्वनाम
✔ वचन
✔ लिंग
✔ क्रिया
✔ काल
✔ विलोम शब्द
✔ विशेषण
✔ पर्यायवाची
✔ समानार्थी शब्द
✔ अनेकार्थक शब्द

Bihar Police Constable English Syllabus
✔ Vocabulary
✔ Sentence structure
✔ Grammar
✔ Sentence correction
✔ Synonyms and Antonyms
✔ English writing ability

Bihar Police Constable Maths Syllabus
✔ Percentage
✔ Profit and Loss
✔ Ratio and Proportion
✔ Time and Work
✔ Time and Distance
✔ Discount
✔ Average
✔ Simple & Compound Interest
✔ Mensuration
✔ Number System
✔ Relationship between Number

Bihar Police Constable Social Science Syllabus ( Geography, History, Economics & Civics )
✔ Fundamentals of Physical Geography
✔ Economic Geography Resources, Man and Environment
✔ Indian Geography Introduction, Physical aspects & drainage system
✔ Fundamentals of Human Geography- People, Human Activitie

​✔Pre history Proto history and History
✔The Pre-historic world
✔The Nationalist movements (1918 – 1947)
✔Partition and Independence
✔Visions of the new state
✔Ancient Civilization
✔ Vehicles of modernization,
✔ Sanity Vs Motivated politic
✔ The revolt of 1857
✔ Modernisation affirmed
✔ spread of modernization
✔ ILLS of Modernity
✔ The Indian awakening in the 19th century
✔ The Medieval Order
✔ Three Ideologies & their mutual conflict

✔vIntroduction to Economic
✔ Introductory microeconomics Introduction, Consumer Behaviour and Demand
✔ Economic Reforms since – 1991
✔ Economic Development of Bihar & India- Development Policies and Experience (1947-90)
✔ Current Challenges Facing the Economy of Bihar and India
✔ Introductory macro economic National Income and related aggregates, Determination of Income and Employment
✔ Development Experience India- A comparison with neighbours
✔ Organization and Presentation of Data, Statistical Tools, and Interpretation

✔ Concept of politic
✔ State
✔ Key Concept
✔ Union Executive
✔ National Integration and challenge
✔ Electoral Systems in India
✔ State Legislature
✔ Sovereignty
✔ Foreign Policy of India
✔ State Executive
✔ Theories of the Origin of State
✔ Working of local self-government with
✔ special reference to Bihar
✔ Indian Judiciary

Bihar Police Constable Science Syllabus (Physics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry )
✔ Pollution
✔ Motion
✔ Work and Energy
✔ Electric Current and Circuit
✔ Magnet and Magnetism
✔ Light
✔ Sound
✔ Natural Phenomena
✔ Natural Resources
✔ Source of Energy,
✔ Environmental Concerns
✔ Molecules
✔ Compound
✔ Metal and Nonmetals
✔ Carbon
✔ Soil
✔ Acids, base, Salt, Daily Life uses, Force
✔ The Universe, Regional and National Change of Matter

Bihar Police Constable General Studies and Current Affairs Syllabus
✔ Current Affair
✔ Booker and National Award
✔ Indian Constitution
✔ Awards and Honor
✔ Award-Winning Book
✔ Culture
✔ History
✔ Inventions & Discoveries
✔ Science
✔ Financial and Economic News

Bihar Police Constable exam duration

✔General Studies and Current Affair
✔Social Science (History, Economics Geography,Civics )
✔Science (Physics, Chemistry, Botany Zoology, )
Total mark – 100 Marks
Duration – 2 hours

Bihar Police Constable Exam pattern 2023

✔ Exam duration 2 hour
✔ Written exam total question 100
✔ Each question carrying 1 mark

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